About Brabantia Appliances

In 2011, Brabantia and Rank Sharp Industries joined forces to launch a range of Brabantia kitchen and laundry electrical appliances.

“Our aim is to enrich lives with beautifully designed product concepts for living and giving that are also a pleasure to use. We care about the products we create and the impact they have on people and the planet. A family company with family values. Concepts with promise, that are made sustainably and leave a better world for generations to come.”

Brabantia was founded in 1919 by a group of 15 people in the small Dutch town of Aalst. They’ve always been a family company that believes in creating products that are made with integrity by people who care about quality. Ideas that are made to last – and designed for living.

Rank Sharp’s expertise in developing highly successful electrical ranges combined with Brabantia’s commitment to design and sustainability has led to an exciting collaboration which perfectly complements Brabantia’s famous housewares solutions.

The launch of the Classic Range – stylish, contemporary and high quality electrical appliances to suit any kitchen – was soon followed by the launch of the Dynamic Range with its streamlined, cutting-edge design.

The Brabantia Appliances range now includes an elegant assortment of products encompassing Kettles, Toasters, Blenders and Air Fryers. Please visit Products for more information.

Products are sold around the world, including the UK, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay and Indonesia. For local distributor information, click here.